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LapFit is designed to make on the go meals easy, clean and fun!

The LapFit Tray's patent-pending design features balance, comfort and stability in every area. With the messiest items balanced and secured in the center of the tray between your child's legs, the chances of a major spill are minimized. The dual eating areas and raised edges keep food where it belongs. The form-fitting leg mounts fit comfortably to the child's legs and add stability in the event of those sudden stops and turns. It's comfortable, simple, easy and fun!

It's also easy to clean! LapFit's plastic construction makes it easy to clean with dish soap and water, or it can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. No mess, no fuss!

And, more than just a food tray, LapFit is a great work and play desk when you're on the go, as well. Simply place the desktop over the food tray and your child can do their homework, read, color, use a computer - do just about anything! LapFit turns drive time and travel time into a fun, productive experience for your kids.

The LapFit Toddler Tray is specially designed for kids who are old enought to be out of a "baby seat", but are still required to ride in a toddler/booster seat in the car. The LapFit Toddler Tray's rectangular cut-outs allow LapFit to sit comfortably and firmly on your child's lap without being in the way of the booster seat's arm rests. It is the perfect size for every toddler or younger elementary child.

Whether you're riding around town, going to the movies, at a picnic or on a long road trip, LapFit will become an essential part of your daily routine to keep your kids fed, clean, busy and happy!

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