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"LapFit has thought of EVERYTHING!"
Lady and the Blog (@VeraSweeney)

"Go buy a LapFit NOW!"
Scary Mommy (@ScaryMommy)

"I was so glad to have found this new product."
5 Minutes for Mom (@5minutesformom)

"The all new LapFit is my MUST HAVE travel accessory for everyone with kids."
Minnesota Moms (@mnmamamusthave)

"LapFit's a great fit for all families."
PS Mom Reviews (@psmomreviews)

"LapFit has become our new car necessity. It makes eating, working and playing in the car a breeze!"
Mom and More (@mamasmoney)

"Oh LapFit, how I wish that I had discovered you years ago!"
Simply Stacie (@simplystacie)

"LapFit goes from the car into the dishwasher."
Pragmatic Mom (@pragmaticmom)

"I am in LOVE with LapFit!"
Real Moms, Real Views (@agiveawaydaily)

What real people are saying about LapFit...

I bought two LapFits for my kids to use in my car on Friday and had to buy two more for my husband's car on Monday. The kids just LOVE using their LapFits!!!

Angela S.
Nashville TN

My granddaughter won't eat ANY meal without her LapFit in the car, at the kitchen table, at restaurants - she LOVES it!!!

Debbie D.
Old Hickory TN

We get all of our homework done driving to hockey practice each night and then eat dinner on the way home - LapFit is awesome!!!

Andrea F.
Old Hickory TN

Dave - took our LapFits on Spring Break drive to the beach. First time EVER the kids didn't complain about the drive! Eight hour drive -- they ate, played and had fun. Thanks for LapFit!!!

Chad S.
Mt. Juliet TN

We took our LapFits tailgating last week and they were a lifesaver! Now my boys don't go into the game wearing their meal or dropping three plates of BBQ on the ground.

Randall F.
Hermitage TN

I love my pink LapFit - it's great for eating or working while I watch TV. My mom put my name on the top - it's the best!

Caroline K. - age 11
Nashville TN

Now I can eat ketchup in the car - I love my LapFit!

Ava K. - age 8
Hermitage TN

My son is a chicken nugget maniac - and a mess! LapFit's sauce and drink holders are a life changer for me - no more mess in my car!

Dale M.
Los Angeles CA

My boys have trashed the back of my car with spilled drinks - LapFit has saved my backseat!

Jeff G.
Franklin TN

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